March 8, 2020 @ 1:37 PM


                               What to Consider When Selecting a Fishing Charter! 

Anglers or want to be anglers have many many choices on who they can venture out to sea with when selecting a fishing charter.

What is the difference between one captain and boat from another ?

Why not just select the least expensive charter?

Well.. There is a difference!

A few considerations include... The type of boat, the size of boat, the equipment, fishing and tackle supplied, reputation and experience of the captain, mate, insurance, USCG inspections and more..

Lets review a few details about Captain Sheriff and Fish on II.

Captain Sheriff's Background & Experience

Captain Sheriff is a life long fisherman who grew up in the Sport fishing capital of the world, Islamorada of the Florida Keys. Captain Sheriff has been a charter captain operating in Rhode Island since 2008. Captain Sheriff is also a featured writer for the Rhode Island Echo newspaper sports section with articles on fishing throughout the fishing season. Captain Sheriff is a member of the Rhode Island Party and Charter Association and the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association.

The Vessel  

Fish On II is a 32" Seacraft which is a legendary sport fishing center console vessel manufactured in South Florida.The vessel is meticulously maintained with modern equipment and Mercury Verado Outboards.

In addition, we are very well insured which is a critical component required for many company sponsored events. Don't assume all Rhode Island fishing charters are properly insured.

Fish On II is among the few that are voluntarily inspected by the USCG for safety every 2 years and proudly displays the USCG UPV Inspection Decal.

Fish On II has been further customized to enhance safety and speed. The vessel cruises on a good day at approximately 40 knots while many of the competitive charter vessels cruise around 15 knots or less. What does this mean for you as a potential charter client?

Fish On II can arrive at the SW end of Block Island which is 18 miles off shore in approximately 25- 30  minutes. Our charters are primarily 5 or 6 hours long because of the efficiency and speed of our vessel. This may be a fact to consider If you are measuring the value of a potential charter only on the total duration of the trip.

At the end of the day, there is no perfect fishing vessel. There is always some compromise. We specialize in light tackle angling with run and gun techniques to chase or find active fish. This is the vessel we designed and modified for this style of fishing. We think you will appreciate it as well...or take a look at our reviews and see what our clients say!

Customer Service Experience, Rankings and Expectations

Captain Sheriff takes great pride in the customer service we provide or charter clients.

In addition to currently being ranked number 2 with Trip Advisor in Galilee among all the other fishing charters, Captain Sheriff also teaches customer service as an automotive service management consultant to the retail automotive industry. 

Captain Sheriff's primary fishing mate is also a licensed charter captain as well and has lifetime  experience as a recreational and commercial fisherman. Fishing Charters RI is your ticket to adventure. Are you ready to go Striper fishing Rhode Island, Fluke fishing Rhode Island ?

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