March 8, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

In an effort to try and accommodate anglers who cannot successfully assemble their own private charter group, Captain Sheriff does offer a possible solution called Shared Charters.

 Anglers that wish to become part of a group can sign up utilizing the Reserve your Charter Date selection on this website and select the drop down.. Shared Charter. It is necessary for anglers to Pre-pay the $200.00 - $250.00 per person to confirm your wish to possibly become part of a group. Please make sure you select the day or days of your availability and or the flexibility of the charter trip desired as well. Due to the unavailability of openings on weekends, the shared charters is a potential option designed for weekday charters during the prime season of June - September.  

Captain Sheriff will make every effort possible to assemble a group of at least 4 anglers and or a minimum of $850.00 collected to create a 5 hour Block Island fishing trip which includes mate tip. Depending on the number of anglers and or charter trip assembled, the amount per angler may be reduced accordingly to equal the amount of the charter trip assembled per the prices and trip details listed under the charter prices tab/link.  The captain will confirm with all the angers when a group has been assembled.

If the Captain is unable to assemble a party and or there are weather issues, the deposit amount will be refunded/credited to the angler.