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32 ft Sea Craft Fish On II

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Rhode Island FISH SPECIES and the Season

Below are several species of saltwater fish that are caught off the coast of Rhode Island on Captain Sheriff's charter trips, along with their respective seasons.

  • Striped Bass & Bluefish
    May  - October Striped 
  • Fluke
    May 1 - Dec 31
  • Tautogs
    April 15 - December 15
  • Seabass
    May 22 -  September 12
  • Tuna
    July - August
  • Bonito, False Albacore
    August - October
  • Atlantic Cod & Haddock
    April - November
  • Shark
    June - October
  • Scup
    May 24 - October 11


May -June, inshore waters. Watch Hill, RI- Narrangansett Bay , RI
June - November. Watch Hill to Block Island, RI

(Striped Bass and Bluefish)

Striped Bass Bluefish

2010 Rhode Island charter fishing season proved to be extremely productive  for several spieces of fish especially striped bass and bluefish. Captain Sheriff's Fishing Charters, a Rhode Island charter fishing operation discovered that it was not necessary to travel beyond the Watch Hill reefs very often to catch these fish in both large numbers or size. While Block Island is typically the prime spot for striped bass and bluefish, Watch Hill reefs proved to be a very productive fishing area when utilizing top-water lures, plastics, live bait and umbrella rigs.  Captain Sheriff utilizes a systemic approach when fishing for bass. The approach involves fishing from the top of the water column and working down. This means we look for active fish on the surface first utilizing top-water lures and or plastics. The next option is typically live lining bait such as eels or bunker /pogies and then continuing to work down the water column trolling with umbrella rigs or snapping parachute rigs on wire line. Although very productive, tube and worm is usually the last option unless customers prefer a certain technique.  Most charter clients agree that there is nothing more exciting than big bass and bluefish exploding on top-water lures. Watch Hill area reefs are a very productive for this type of fishing due to the bottom structure, reefs and rapid moving tidal currents. These strong currents bring in the bait and it is common to see birds diving on bait throughout the day all summer with striped bass, bluefish, albies and bonito feeding on the baitfish. Fly fishing is very popular and productive around Watch Hill reefs and Captain Sheriff's Fishing Charters custom  Sea Vee vessel  is a good fit for this type of fishing as well. The Watch Hill area fishing grounds which are in close proximity to land provide comfortable sea conditions for clients of all fishing experience levels . 
The 2010 night fishing around the north rip and southwest corner of Block Island was quite productive when utilizing live eels for striped bass and bluefish which is a favorite of many customers.
Live lining pogies in the river end of Narragansett bay  was very productive in the early  part of the season for Captain Sheriff's Fishing Charters as well.


June - September. Coastal Rhode Island waters to Block Island (Fluke)


The 2010 RI  fluke season was interrupted due to a late opening date of June 17 and increased size to 21 inches. While Captain Sheriff's Fishing Charters  was easy catching great numbers of fluke, It was tough catching keepers initially. Later in the season, big fluke were being caught especially around Block Island, Point Judith area and  Narragansett Bay .
October - November Rhode Island Sound - Buzzards Bay, RI  (Tautog)

The Rhode Island 2010 sea bass and tautog season was extremely productive for both numbers and quality. The reefs and rock piles off Newport, Rhode Island to Sakonnet River proved to be red hot. Tautog season is still going and remains very productive. While blackfish average 2 – 4 pounds, Captain Sheriff's Fishing Charters has landed great numbers of these fish over 6 lbs so far this season. Captain Sheriff's Fishing Charters utilizes St.Croix rods with fast tip for sensitivity that are rated for both 30 and 40 lb test since  blackfish are strong bottom dwellers that like to stay in the rocks. These rods are also  matched with Okuma or Penn reels. Black fish season is April to May 31 with a 3 fish per person limit. The next season runs July 1 – December 15.  The limit is increased to 8 fish per person per day limit after October 16.


April 15 - December 1


August- November Offshore waters of Rhode Island

Bluefin Tuna

(Blue Fin Tuna)


August- November Coastal Rhode Island waters to Block Island



False Albacore

(False Albacore)




June- October Offshore waters of Rhode Island



2010 RI Shark fishing reports were very good for Blue Sharks while Mako Sharks are getting more difficult to find. Shark fishing can be effective without having to go more than 30 miles offshore. Common fishing grounds for sharks can be the Mudhole, Coxes Ledge and the Dump. Shark fishing is always exciting because you never know what may come up that chum slick.  Catch and release fishing for Sharks on lighter tackle is a great sport.














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