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Block Island Bass Fishing
Striped Bass Fishing Block Island

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Striped Bass Fishing is probably the most sought after species in Rhode Island. While there is some concern that the fishery is not what is used to be, Striped Bass are still being caught in great numbers by anglers that are savvy in their approach with the ability to locate productive waters and fishing patterns.  One such area is Block Island, a world class fishery for Striped Bass.  Block Island is approximately 7 miles from Point Judith, RI on the islands north side.  The North Rip is a premier fishing area certain times of the year. Some years, it is productive the entire season. This area provides natural habitat for bass due to the strong tidal flow and rip that forms across the Sandy Point that protrudes out about 1.6 miles from the Island before sharply dropping off to deep water. This area attracts bait such as squid, sand eels, silversides and bunker. Bass ambush bait in this rip especially on an outgoing or Ebb tide which runs in a SW to NE direction due to the tidal flow having to deflect around the island. There are some other humps in this area as well that hold Bass. This area does not typically produce trophy bass but it does produce numerous bass at times and bluefish. The extremely strong current may not favor the big bass (40lb plus) which typically do not run in schools and are opportunistic feeders. Captain Sheriff’s Fishing Charters provides Bass fishing charters to this area due to its close proximity to Galilee and Point Judith, RI. Fishing charter expeditions of 5 hours are scheduled in the evening or morning when fish are known to be in this area.  The best time for fishing this area is evening or early morning because there is less boat traffic and fishing pressure. Captain Sheriff’s Fishing Charters specializes in light tackle fishing with live bait, jigs or surface lures for the ultimate fishing experience to this area. In addition, our custom 29 Sea Vee center console vessel provides 360 degrees of fishing for anglers, which translates to all anglers being able to fish at the same time.

 Block Island Bass Fishing

Trophy Bass Fishing

Trophy Bass are typically caught with some form of live bait. While most fishing charters focus on wire line trolling squid parachute jigs or tube and worm, the last couple Rhode Island State record Bass and current world record Bass were caught on live eels. Live shad, bunker or even chunk bait could potentially produce another record as well.  Big Bass do not typically compete with the more aggressive smaller bass when feeding. Big Bass are less aggressive and opportunistic and they are not as likely to chase fast moving artificial baits.  Trophy Bass typically feed at night or in the cover of darkness.

While it is possible for numerous areas in Rhode Island to produce trophy Bass, the most consistent has been the Southwest side of Block Island. The North rip of Block Island may have to strong a current for Big Bass to consistently hold and take refuge. The currents are strong in portions of the south side as well but not as strong as the North Rip. Two Rhode Island State Bass records have been taken from the south side over the last few years.  Captain Sheriff’s Fishing Charters targets Trophy Bass by utilizing live bait and we also fish at night when most other charter captains have packed it in for the day.  Our custom rigged 29 Sea Vee is designed for this type of light tackle fishing experience. The vessel is a center console with 360 degrees of fish-ability and 29 feet of length to be utilized when drifting baits. This means that all anglers on board can fish at the same time, a value to consider when deciding on your choice of charter fishing companies or captains.  Captain Sheriff has a 5, 6 or 8 hour charter designed for Block Island fishing. The most common is the 4pm to 10 pm charter that accommodates up to 4 anglers.  We search for fish near the Southwest Ledge, within the legal 3 mile limit, the Finger, Duck Head, Peanut, Boulders, Black Rock, Southeast Light Area and any structure holding fish. Bass of 30 plus pounds are very common on our charters. Fish over 40lbs are caught as well and the opportunity for 50 plus is very realistic with area being fished, the baits and presentation. These size fish are being caught by anglers with little or no Bass Fishing experience on our charters. Captain Sheriff outfits charter guests with Quantum Boca 80 and Okuma Coronado 80 series bait easer reels with 25lb test mono that allow the Bass to freely take the eel before setting the hook. We have had to chase big Bass with the boat at times to keep from getting spooled.

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