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RI Fishing Charter Boat - Captain Sheriff

32 ft Sea Craft

Fish On II

Rhode Island Fishing Charter Boat

32 ft Sea Craft Fish On II
Large open area for great fishing.

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Anglers fishing on our charters are not required to purchase a Saltwater License!

                                                                              Important Note!

Our fishing vessel,Fish On II comfortably cruises at approximately 35 knots which gets you to the fishing grounds and back in at least half the time of the remaining charter fleet. This is why some of our fishing trips may be shorter in overall duration than other fellow charter organizations.





Fishing Trips We Offer

*All charters are 5 anglers MAX Except the 8Hr. Tuna/Shark Trip

Your charter can consist of 1 angler or up to 5 anglers for the same price.

7.30am-11.30 am.     12.30 pm-4.30pm

This 4 hour charter ventures further out to the productive fishing on Block Islands North Rip and or the Northeast side of Block Island up to approximately 7 miles offshore. Anglers can expect to catch Fluke, Seabass, Scup, Bluefish and the possibility of Striped Bass. This charter is typically comprised of bottom fishing and vertical jigging with light tackle. Trolling is an option as well. This is a great fishing charter for families or groups wanting to experience Rhode Island fishing whether you are a novice or experienced angler. All bait and tackle is included and the mate will fillet your catch. 5 angler maximum capacity. Average travel from dock to fishing grounds is 20 minutes.


5 Hour Block Island (most common) $795.00

7am-12pm.         1pm-6pm

This fishing charter ventures out to the productive East Grounds of Block Island approximately 13 miles offshore. This is a very productive fishing area for Seabass, Scup, Fluke, Cod, Bluefish and Tautog. This is our most popular charter due to the productivity and typical non-stop fishing action. The primary fishing technique associated with this light tackle fishing charter is bottom fishing, vertical jigging and possibly some trolling. In addition to fishing, there are possibilities of seeing pods of Dolphin and even a possible Shark sighting in this fishing area. The Offshore Wind Farm can also be seen while fishing this area as well for additional sightseeing pleasure. All bait and tackle is included and mate will fillet your catch. 5 angler maximum capacity or less for best overall fishing experience. Average travel time from dock to fishing grounds is approximately 35 minutes.


This fishing charter primarily targets Striped Bass on the productive fishing grounds of Block Island’s Southwest Ledge. This is the spot to potentially catch and release trophy Striped Bass of 40- 50 pounds. The current bag limit regulation is 1 Striped Bass per person of 28-35 inches due to the reduced stock level of this important species. Trolling is the most productive fishing technique utilized for this species in this area during most of the season. There are a few weeks of premier top water action in June where we cast lures with light tackle for Striped Bass and Bluefish in this area. Once this action settles or bag limits have been reached, we move on to bottom fishing for Seabass and Fluke to finish the day. All bait and tackle is included and the mate will fillet your catch. 5 angler maximum capacity recommended for best overall fishing experience. Average travel time from dock to fishing grounds is approximately 40 minutes.



This fishing charter is primarily to target Cod from Block Island up to approximately 30 miles offshore to Coxes Ledge. Anglers can also expect to catch Seabass, Fluke,Tautog and more as well. Due to the potential distance offshore, this trip may be for the more seasoned angler. All bait and tackle is included and the mate will fillet your catch. 5 angler maximum capacity. Fish On II average travel time from the dock to the initial fishing grounds in potentially a series of fishing ground stops is approximately 40 minutes.

5 Hour Fall Tautog. $795.00


This charter primarily focuses on bottom fishing for Tautog along Rhode Island’s inshore reefs. Anglers can also expect to catch Seabass, Scup and an occasional Cod on this charter as well. This a great family fishing charter with lots of action and fish to take home for dinner. All bait and tackle is included and the mate will fillet your catch. 5 angler maximum capacity. Fish on II average travel time from dock to fishing grounds is approximately 25 minutes.



4 angler max.
Up to 30 miles offshore weather permitting. Troll, Jig and Cast for Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Albacore. Tuna caught within legal size and bag limits except giant Bluefin belong to the charter party/group. Stand up tackle with belt and harness and or spinning tackle. Prior fishing experience and good physical strength is highly recommended. Drift and chum for Sharks. Mostly catch and release for except for Thresher Sharks which are excellent table fare can be retained at 54 inch minimum. An 8 hour trip provides approximately 6 hours of actual fishing time.

Current Boat Limit Bluefin Tuna regulations. 

3 school Tuna 27-<47 inches. 1 medium Tuna 47-<73inches

Current Yellowfin Tuna Regulations ..

3 per person 27 inch minimum


About the mate! 

The mates job is to make your day on the water more enjoyable by catering to your angling needs. Our mates are very knowledgeable and trained.  A customary tip of at least %20 percent is standard and the Minimum required mate tip is $140.00.


Call to Plan 401-450-2549

Cancellation Policy: Minimum two weeks advance notice required to cancel a sportfishing charter, deposit will be returned. If within two weeks, deposit will only be returned if we can not schedule another charter. If bad weather forces a cancellation, refund will be provided and or applied to another charter date 

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Product   Price
4 Hour Block Island   From $250.00
5 Hour Block Island   From $250.00
6 Hour Block Island   From $250.00
7 Hour Bottom Fishing   From $250.00
5 Hour Fall Tautog Fishing   From $250.00
8 hour Tuna / Shark Fishing   From $400.00
Suggested Tip for your Mate   From $100.00
Mate Tip $120.00   $120.00
Mate Tip $140.00   $140.00
Mate Tip $160.00   $160.00
Mate Tip $180.00   $180.00
Mate Tip $200.00   $200.00

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