Captain Sheriff’s Fishing Charters utilizes AMSOIL synthetic lubricants which help preserve the environment, reduce our need for foreign oil while providing superior engine protection and GOING GREEN.

Captain Sheriff's AMSOIL
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Captain Sheriff utilizes and represents AMSOIL products because we have discovered the benefits of increasing fuel mileage, extending equipment life, eliminating carbon and ring jacking, inherent in outboard manufacturer approved (TC-W3) rated 2 stroke conventional oils. AMSOIL saves money and is the right choice for the environment as well. In our charter fishing business, Captain Sheriff's Fishing Charters, we have come to rely on the performance that these products provide for our Ford 6.0 liter diesel powered towing vehicle and dual Yamaha 225 hp 2 stroke outboards powered charter fishing vessel manufactured by Sea Vee.    

Captain Sheriff’s Ocean State Synthetics specializes in the marine and automotive synthetic lubrication, fuel additives and filtering applications due to our extensive experience in these fields including six of our own personal boats powered with Yamaha, Johnson, Mercury 2 & 4 Stroke outboards, utilizing AMSOIL products. Sheriff Synthetics is also part of this dealer group in Key Largo, Florida where commercial fisherman, vehicle fleets and power sports are the main client base in that market.  A data base of impressive oil analysis results on our clients taking advantage of extended drain intervals on their diesel powered vessels is raising eyebrows of commercial fisherman, sea salvor companies and vehicle fleets who previously believed that conventional oil was the right choice for their equipment.

The myth that synthetic oil is too expensive is incorrect.  As the price of conventional oil continues to rise, Group IV PAO synthetic oil is getting even more cost effective since it is a chemically synthesized product produced in a laboratory and is not affected as much as conventional oils or the common Group III base stocks which are highly refined petroleum oils that are marketed in the United States as synthetic. In most cases, the price difference between synthetic and conventional oil is insignificant. After you add up the savings due to extended drain intervals, increased fuel mileage, reduced downtime, reduced oil disposal and extended equipment life, Group IV PAO synthetic products SAVE MONEY and are less expensive to utilize than conventional oils.  AMSOIL pioneered synthetic oil for the automotive market in 1972 and is trademarked, The First in Synthetics!


If you are ready to SAVE MONEY while providing your equipment with the finest synthetic lubrication and filtering products on the market, contact Captain Sheriff today and get on board. Captain Sheriff offers AMSOIL products at wholesale pricing. If you are interested in the benefits these products provide, please contact me and I will provide FREE membership accounts to  qualifying commercial or retail accounts allowing you to purchase products at wholesale pricing at your convenience. If only interested in trying out the product, I will sell product at wholesale pricing while providing you with the product knowledge to help make the proper product selection for your specific application.


Amsoil Dealer Captain John Sherriff

John Sheriff:

Good luck and safe boating!

Captain John Sheriff has a BS degree in Industrial/Automotive Technology.

Former technical service representative for General Motors

President, Sheriff 5 Star Automotive Service Consulting

Owner, Captain Sheriff’s Ocean State Synthetics

Owner, Captain Sheriff’s Fishing Charters



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